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Did someone said "FOOD"?!
Written at Sunday, July 14, 2013 | back to top

Hey guys.
Honestly speaking, food pictures are over flooding my phone camera album.
My camwhore pics are way lesser than food SS pics. Ahahaha.

And now I present to you, more FOOD PICS...!
Kindly slur and starve while you look at them bwahahaha.

ANOTHER Menya Musashi moment. Seriously I will never get sick of eating and DRINKING THE BROTH *SLURRRRR* (except that it's so exp that I will be broke than sick of eating this ramen.)

I was in San Francisco coffee in Menara TM for lunch and the pie actually looks kinda nice. This is mushroom and chicken pie by the way. Not bad. Ate it with mushroom soup. So mushroomy~

**Totally random thing I saw in Menara TM toilet. Yes. Inside a cubicle. I'm sorry for spoiling your foodies mood (if you have any) but this notice behind the cubicle door is just... funny. "Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live". Right. Like I can choose not to live inside a body. Maybe I can be a spirit and possess other objects... LoL.

Hmm. This is during my birthday. Free milk tea from Wong Kok Char Chan Teng!!

Owh. And a round of yummies in Pasta Zanmai. Look at that sushi... it comes in a set... I wish I can eat there again...!

And then there's this spaghetti with fried chicken. Maybe I should order the salmon set instead. ahaha.

Well since I'm not full enough I ordered a soup. Seafood soup! and Bread on top... OMG.

Then there's this dinner where my senior, Ze Ci treated me for my birthday! TGI Fridays. I think before this visit I didn't go there for a meal for more than 3 years TOPS! Gawd. Macaroni and cheese. The must-have in TGIF!

Then we ordered a seafood spaghetti. And I told her that's enough. And yet she's like, no, order  one more main dish!

And then we ordered this chicken burger (sorry to her that I can't eat beef), and we couldn't even stuff ourselves with fries!! Too... full... !!!!

Then there's this visit to Watami. (I went there more than 4 times already for the buy 3 free 1 thing for KPMG, IBM and paypal staff and only took picture once. LoL me) Ordered this salmon ishiyaki lunch set that comes with salad and soup. Salmon and egg yolk. What more I need? The yummy goodness in a stone pot!

Then there's today, where my dad decided to treat my family sushi!! SUSHI! Like, the last time I ate sushi with my parents was more than 5 years ago! (I think more than 8 years? The last time I ate sushi with them was in Sushi King outlet in that Miharja shopping mall before it was demolished and turned into Viva Home mall. Imagine how long ago was that.) Gawd. I ordered like hell man, especially those expensive stuff like premium eel sushi and that "dragon roll" with prawn head! @_@

Alright folks, that's all for now.
I shall update other random stuff when I don't feel lazy. Haha.
Chiaoz =)

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Dead blog: the revival
Written at Monday, May 6, 2013 | back to top


Oh my god, it's been like, 4 months I didn't update anything at all.
Peak period in audit firm, thus far, so I couldn't find the time (and a damn) to update.

So I'll just compile whatever pictures I've taken and write some totally random and nothing related with each other stuff in this post.

Let's start.

Firstly, CNY~ ahaha. That was like, 3 months ago.
I took 2 days of Annual Leave and have this stupid stomach ache from overeating,
so have to take a day off on Friday too.
Nothing much to do about, going Perak for a few days to visit my relatives, then onwards to Seremban for both sides of the family.

Then the best part is this:

Wee. Alot of angpows. But I think I spent almost all of them ehehehehe.

Obviously, after getting extra spending money I will buy something to reward myself.
Why not a new wallet and bag? bwahahaha.

I was totally obsessed with this then...:

Charles & Keith's employee spotted that I came in and bought twice that he asked me to fill in my particulars to get newsletters and promotional emails from them XD

I didn't take picture of my wallet but I did take picture of my new bag (that I bought like, few weeks ago):

Mmm... Lovely, way better than my previous bag that I bought online... (the zip broke around end of April. So basically the bag lasted around 7-8 months?)

Then there's this time when I helped out with the audit of Power Impian (Power Root), (company that sell Ah Huat White Coffee), (and yes that song is stuck in my head that day), they gave out free drinks for us for doing vouching. haha. This is the isotonic drink I received:

I never actually see this brand on sale before. Hmm.

Then when we are about to get back to office, the area rain very terribly that the whole area is flooding. And imagine having a waterfall from the flood.

We have to drive the opposite road. and we stucked in a jam for around 3 hours. Grr.

There's this time when I went out with Lok for dinner, we went to Mid Valley 'cos from our client office is so freaking near! XD (Coincidentally his client's office and mine are in the same building)

So we ended up going to this ramen shop which is isolated from other restaurants since it's at the 2nd highest floor of the mall (That floor usually less people walk around there as shops there mostly sell hardware, furniture, etc)

It's Goku Raku Ramen (coincidentally his blog name is Raku. haha), and each bowl of ramen costs around RM20 (like a little cheaper than Menya Mushashi in 1 Utama).

He ordered Tokyo ramen and I ordered Tonkotsu ramen (pork bone!!) =3
And we learned that the pinkish thingy is called Naruto. hahaha.

Look at it... ah... It's making me hungry... O_O

There's this time when I ate with my audit team in Menara TM, at San Fran coffee, I took notice of its tissue paper...:

My first thought when I saw that is, "Who the heck ask for your opinion?"
and, "What makes you think I don't mind to use you as much as you don't mind me using you?"
So it sounds a little wrong but I have no idea why I would start thinking about arguing with this piece of tissue paper. Haha.

Last but not least:
Today is Malaysia's General Election day!
At first I was thinking not to go. Because the area that I'm registered to, doesn't have any party that I would like to vote for.
After lunch, my parents and brother went to vote at their own registered areas (the places where I used to live, aka, my old houses area) and then I went to my own 1 (near my house) to cast a vote anyway.

I was thinking, since everyone has been posting about their fingers, why not I do the same?
Haha. And that's the sole reason I went to vote. Like, seriously. Don't kill me please.

Went to this school near kampung area, and park at bus stop (busted~)
Then went to queue up to get my ballot.
The queueing took around 20 minutes?
And the time I used to get my ballot papers is shorter than the time I used to cast my vote and putting both ballot papers into the bin provided.

And back to my car I went. Ta daa~

Finger painted. but she painted more than my nail... Kinda sucked.
Luckily I'm back home early, because soon after, the rain started. Phew!

I was watching the GE results on TV just now and I was satisfied that the party I voted for has won. Grats to you! =)

Alright, that's all for now. Hopefully peak period will be over soon!

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Funny snacks from Taiwan
Written at Friday, January 11, 2013 | back to top

Hi peeps! My brother just returned from honeymoon a week ago and he bought some stuff for me and mum.

Long story short, he bought me 2 items: biscuit and chocolate.

And bought my mum... some, I don't know... yoghurt snack?

Anyway, here are the 2 items he bought for me:

Doggy biscuit: Puppy Love

Bandage chocolate. LOL.

1) Dog biscuit. The box contains 2 flavours, chocolate and cheese.
Chocolate taste a little bitter.
Cheese taste really nice. Kind of buttery biscuit.


2) Chocolate that looks like a bandage.
Plasters, anyone? Not to apply on wounds but to eat!

Here's an example of a pack.

Here's how it looks like. Ahahaha. So cute.
My brother said he bought this 'cos sanitary pad chocolate is sold out.
My reaction to that is... ewwwww?

Next, he bought my mum something really funny.
If you guys got what Tong Pak Fu, Steven Chow's version,
you will know what I mean.

Epic comedy. We laughed when we saw them.

1) Tong Pak Fu's pill. Canto: Hum siu poon bou teng. Hahaha.

Here's the description. For those who can read chinese, lucky you.

Side box description.

2) Wa tai fu's medicinal pill. I don't remember what it's called.

Box description

Box description (2)


Now for some random foodies picture session!

1) I take away Kenny Roger's quarter chicken after I went to Mid Valley machines to take my mum's repaired ipad. It's quite okay except that they gave me too little sauce. Darn my chicken is so dry that time.

2) Menya musashi ramen! Forced my colleagues to join me. Bwahahahaha.
There goes my RM20+. But so worth it. I almost drank all their broth.

That's all folks =)

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Review: Shu Uemura Point Cealer
Written at Sunday, December 30, 2012 | back to top

Hi guys!
Since some girl friends of mine asking me to review on that thing I bought for myself for Christmas, I saw now unveil my ugly face for this =(

Firstly, I shall reveal the appearance of the said item:

the bottle is sooooooooooooo small, and it costs around RM85.
I was like "what the heck" now that I spent that much for a tiny bottle of concealer.

Anyway. Here's a picture of my dark circles without make-up...
(Like, after using make-up remover, and after cleansing my face... ><)

I take picture of my left eye 'cos for some reason my dark circle is more visible than my right eye...  But somehow it's not so visible in the photo. Hmm.

Then every morning, after facial regime, my face after applying base and concealer:

I don't even know if there is any difference... The pictures doesn't show much.
But when I look at myself in the mirror, the concealer colour does blend in with my skin colour,
making my dark circles not visible at all.

Then the day I took this picture I was attending Stock Take, in a hot and stuffy and small warehouse. Imagine I have to wipe my sweat and stuff, I don't know if I smear any concealer from under my eyes XD

This is the picture I took at 3pm after that Stock Take session.

But once again, I think the picture is kinda blur.

You know why? 'Cos I use my phone's front camera.
And the megapixel is only 1.9.
Maybe I should review again next time, using my phone back camera... =(

Anyhow, my dark circle is a little visible. It's 7-8 hours after I've applied the concealer anyway. So I guess it's normal for this to happen.

That's all folks.
I'm not sure if my review helps so this is the 2nd concealer I use after Skin Food's.
(And Skin Food's concealer I bought the wrong colour so in the end I didn't use much,
but I'm pretty sure Shu's concealer has better longevity)

And this is the picture of another item I bought from Shu Uemura =)

Limited Edition Mon Shu Girl Mousse Base! =D
Okay, chiaoz~!

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Written at Tuesday, December 25, 2012 | back to top

Of course guys, how I can write something not related to Christmas on Christmas?!
While I've posted some pictures straight in Facebook, I will use the same pictures here to explain as well to the circumstances of the pictures (haha. Circumstances. I played Ace Attorney too many times)

Anyhow, this post will be very Christmas-y.
(And some totally random food pictures, wee!)

I went to Mid Valley to meet Karyan today.
She's back from UK! (Well for a short period of time)
And the last time I met her is during my 20th birthday. More than 2 years!

Karyan, you look the same as always =P
(Except last time you're pretty, now you're prettier!)
And the first thing we did is to buy tickets for movie,
but I don't get why the hell Life of Pi is so popular that we couldn't even catch the 2pm showtime. (And 11.30am showtime already sold out.)
But we can find out from watching the movie online... At least.

So ended up we're eating lunch at 11 something. Or almost 12.
God. so early. And I'm not really that hungry. Haha.
We went to Carls Jr. I didn't take any pics.
Well. It's not exactly special. Just another fast food joint.
Plus I was too immerse in the conversation I don't bother to touch my phone for photos.
(Owh shit. I totally forgot to take pics with her)

Then we walked around MV for shopping.
And I bought myself something.

(Gonna weep when I see the bank statement)
Then we walked in to a shop named Muji, like a clothing + ikea wannabe.
But the furniture and kitchen wares the shop is selling are so expensive!
Like, why the hell do you want a small wooden bowl that costs RM70?
I can buy a similar bowl less than RM10 in supermarket.

Then I took this picture in Muji.

Just for the fun of it. The people down there look like ants.

Andddd we left around 3 something pm.
(And around almost 2pm? I bumped into Hung Min and his family. Wow.)
(And foursquare shows that ALOT of my friends checked-in to Mid Valley but I never saw them. Ever)


And now, for some totally random pictures!
Here is the pictures from my department Christmas party.

Here is Kok Peng getting involved with a game session in the party.
(Guess the movie by drawing)

And here's the present I received from secret santa.
(Noooo marshmallows! So fattening T^T)

Here's some food pictures to annoy hungry people. Bwahahaha.

Scallop fried rice! From some medicine shop opposite Sticky and beside Maxis in 1 Utama. So expensive but so... yummy...

And Sushi King.. erm... some black pepper fish set.
(Ate this at Metropoint Kajang. Haha. Han Ming drove so far just to have a nicer lunch than mamak XD)

That's all for this year folks! Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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